The Fourth


For the 4th, we joined friends at their neighborhood beach club on the lake. We paddle boarded, kayaked, swam, played foosball and ate. And it was just barely warm enough to do it all.


20140705-125034-46234218.jpgD did the most swimming, but JJ did go off the high platform. I was in a kayak with J at the time, so couldn’t document it, but I did get this:20140705-125012-46212358.jpg

Curls and Locks

20140702-162838-59318393.jpgWe had a great visit with cousins from Oregon. One day we packed in a lot of sights and activities, including the Ballard Locks. The kids determined the stepped grass hill was prime for rolling or running down. The locks are no doubt a bit busier now with a beautiful holiday weekend in store. Sorry we can’t say the same for the East coasters. 20140702-162838-59318791.jpg

Ping Pong Pooch Pose

20140630-143018-52218235.jpgIt all started when  a ball landed right next to his mouth and he didn’t even flinch.20140630-143106-52266802.jpgWe decided it was an opportunity for summer amusement or maybe art.



20140630-143137-52297943.jpgScratch one ping pong ball.




iPhone snapshots of the day


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