Secret Path

20140319-153632.jpgToday the dog and I explored a trail that has been created in a ravine near our house. The path has been cleared and maintained, and varies between dirt, mulched wood, rustic boardwalks or more casual bridges of branches placed alongside one another to cross the mud. Many plants, some of which have been placed purposefully, bear identifying tags.20140319-153648.jpgThe trail meanders over and around a creek that today flowed near capacity.  The area is clearly a work of love and/or retirement, still in progress.20140319-153709.jpg


20140220-183221.jpgOur dog noticed this little guy on the bridge above the creek behind our house. I didn’t notice how closely his colors matched the moss until I looked at the pictures later. I could be wrong, but I believe this is an immature stink bug. Thankfully, he did nothing to confirm that.

iPhone snapshots of the day


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