Three to Three Sisters

Three Sisters is a hiking destination about an hour and 20 min NE of SD, in Cleveland National Forest, which is kind of funny because there are not many trees. The “sisters” are pools of water, stepped below one another. When water is really flowing, there is a natural water slide one could ride between the two lower pools, but today the flow was a trickle, so no one tried it.

On the way we saw a snake:

Not a rattler, fortunately. We also saw lizards, birds, tadpoles, a squirrel, a wild turkey and a dog that was probably someone’s pet but resembled a coyote.

We got an early start, a little after 8. Temps were nice then. The trail began with a slight descent that eventually took us through a shady valley, where we saw poison oak along the trail. We’d been warned: thanks, Grandma.

The trail got a little technical as we neared the pools. There were some rocks to navigate. We came upon the first pool, and realized then there would be no swimming or sliding since the water was pretty low and stagnant. But it was still a nice place to sit and eat PB&J sandwiches.

We were able to make our way with the help of fixed ropes to an upper pool that was fed by a true, but low-flow, waterfall.

WordPress is telling me I don’t have the room to upload more pics, so that has to be it for now.

iPhone snapshots of the day

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