Apple Hill

I flew up to Sac for Sadie’s bday and was whisked into autumn in the mountains by my brilliant sister! So here she and mom are walking after we shared a freshly baked apple “walking pie,” which while eating there is no way you could feasibly walk. And it was barely possible to walk afterward either. 


Typing Tunes

Inspired by a video Mima shared with us today, James took to Baba’s old Olympia typewriter. Fortunately for today’s purpose, it didn’t matter that he had no paper and the ribbon was misaligned and dried out. The experiment lasted all of 30 seconds, but there was a refrain this evening when he saw me typing this. Inspiration comes in many forms.


I was admiring these window clings that are hanging on for dear life on our slider. We’ve had them for at least 15 years, and somehow they’ve managed to survive year after year of one kid or another slapping them up on a window every October. Invariably, I have to retrieve several off the floor shortly after the initial application and apply water (or more accurately, saliva) to make them adhere. Then they’re good for the month.

Looking closely at this one I noticed a company name/logo on his tibia – or maybe it’s his fibula: camscan. As you can imagine, an internet search did not turn up a window cling company. It’s probably gone to its grave. But it’s name lives on, and I’ll see that it does as long as I have spit to make it stick.

iPhone snapshots of the day

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