Heading For The Hoop



JJ received this sextant from his cousin, after her father died, saying he would have liked JJ to have it. I’m sorry I didn’t have the before picture; it was quite a mess, having been around since 1946. JJ took it to a marine instrument repair shop, and they cleaned it up. They never told him it was ready, but he was nearby and dropped in on them today. They said, “oh, where is that old girl?…” and they dug her out of a locker. They had repaired and refurbished it, and when he asked what he owed them, they said, “Nothing. Consider it a gift for your upcoming change of command.” The repairman’s son-in-law is an Electrician’s Mate on the Nimitz. JJ is going to get a lesson on how to use it from James’s soccer coach, a retired Quartermaster. It’s fun to see where artifacts from the past can take you.

iPhone snapshots of the day

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