A Study in Apps

A Study in Apps

Ok class, as we near the end of the first month of the POD2 blog, you will now be tested on what you have learned. You will be required to recall from memory the apps used to provide the effects in these photos. I know you’ve all been paying close attention, so this should be simple. I will use the basic Iris to demonstrate. It may not be basic, it may be bearded, I’m not sure.  We’ll call the photo above Exhibit A. Below is the original photo, but if I’d made that the POD, would you have continued to read on? I think not.

Lovely as nature intended, but here’s another version, Exhibit B:

Now let’s see Exhibit C:

And lastly we have Exhibit D:

Answer Key:

Exhibit A: Filtermania, Aquafall filter. See this for more info on this app.

Exhibit B: TiltShift Generator. Click here to see another example of this app.

Exhibit C: PhotoViva. A trick question! I haven’t demonstrated this app before. I clearly have not mastered it, nor may I ever. But I will try in a future post.

Exhibit D: Juxtaposer. Click here for a rundown of how to use this app.

If you read to the end of this post, you receive an A+ for effort. Class dismissed.

More Fun!

More Fun!

More is always more fun! More toys and more options mean more time spent trying to figure an app out. That is, I guess, part of what makes Hipstamatic so much fun. It recreates the olden days of analog, when you had a tiny view finder that didn’t accurately see what the film captured, your options for tweaking included lens, film and flash type, and you ended up with gobs of pictures that were laughable due to no fault of your own. Or maybe that’s just me.

Here’s what you see in the app itself:

In the viewfinder you can see my laptop. The actual picture would be much wider than that, and probably not centered on what I thought it was. That just encourages you to take more pictures. I find myself taking ten to get the one I want. I know the professional photographer’s ratio is probably much higher…geez it’s hard work being a photographer. But so much fun! Did I mention I’m having fun?

The big yellow button is the picture button. Go to the star to see the 3 lenses, 3 flashes and 3 films from which you can configure your camera with a combination of one each. You can always buy more if you want more fun! Let’s just take today’s POD – the original, shot with a combo that I can’t quite recall:


Ok, I can accept “the look” that this film and lens choice (no flash obviously) provide, but that shadow is decidedly not fun! Thank goodness for my trusty Touch Retouch.

For another shot that had inexplicable shadows – they couldn’t have been my fingers – I did some cropping in Photoshop Express, and then was able to add a border in that app to make it look like a “Hipsta” shot. See below:20120328-094322.jpg



So yes, Hipstamatic is fun, but particularly so because I can still tweak photos as needed in other apps. To me, editing is fun. Have a fun day everyone!




I’ve been wanting to use and demonstrate a new app I have, Hipstamatic, and finally found a great subject to illustrate it. I’ve been reading about Hipstamatic all over the blogosphere and the descriptions didn’t do that much for me, because I don’t tend to be a “retro” kind of person. However now that I have it, I really like it. The problem is, because I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and don’t think ahead, I generally snap first and edit later. Hipstamatic is not an editing app, it’s a camera app that I will have to go into more detail on (sorry JJ) another time.

This morning while walking the dog, I took this photo:


I really liked it, especially the peaked roofs pointing to FUN! Driving home from the grocery store later, it occurred to me that it would be even better taken with Hipstamatic. That’s fine and dandy, but it was not as easy as that. Here were 2 of the MANY wrong shots I got before finally getting one I liked.


Although the car is centered quite nicely…actually AMAZINGLY, I didn’t want it there. Another beauty:


I didn’t find Hipstamatic so fun today, for numerous reasons: it is not intuitive, the view finder is tiny and doesn’t center on what you’re shooting, and there’s no real explanation of how to use the app.  Obviously, others find it fun, so I’m probably missing something huge. Come to think of it, neither of those things in the picture above are fun to me either.

Playing Around

Playing Around

Today was a beautiful day for play – around 9 am we walked over to a Surf Sample sale at James’ elementary school, where different vendors sell their leftovers from last season and the PTA makes a cut. We got a boogie board and a sweatshirt for James. The kids wanted to play on the playground and I wanted to play on my phone, so we hung out for a while after.

I took this picture with Instagram and applied a filter, but I can’t remember which – I think it was X-Pro II. I was mostly playing around with the HDR feature though, because in the bright sunlight I wanted to see if there was any difference.  Dad asked how the iPhone makes the pictures HDR, and you can get an idea in the following pictures. The regular is followed by the HDR version:





The phone’s processor is so fast, it does indeed take 3 pictures and combine them for the HDR shot. I’m happy to report that learning through play applies to adults as well as kids.