Winter Color

Winter Color

We are in the Western part of the state for a big swim meet.  The whole drive up I’d been thinking, “Great, we’re away from the beach!  Some new landscape! Mountains!”  So while the swimmer was warming up in the pool, the rest of us found a trail in a municipal park and took a hike.  By that point, blue sky and interesting cumulus clouds had given way to overcast blah.  On top of that, there are apparently NO evergreens in this region, making for a dreary landscape.  If it hadn’t been for the kids, I would have thought I’d gone color blind right there in the woods.  Can that happen?

I didn’t capture any shots I liked of the trail ahead of us, but I got this one from the direction we had come. But gag, it was so brown! I chose to add the kids in for color.

I used an app called Juxtaposer.  First you select the background photo – you take the picture right then or select a photo you already have.


Then you select or take a photo that you want to superimpose on top, so I chose one I had. Now that I see it on the computer, I actually like the composition better than the one I made.  Holy dead vines!

It lays it on top, but smaller so you can still see the background shot.

You toggle between the four options at the bottom of the screen to erase what you don’t want of the top picture.  You can zoom into the whole picture and shrink, enlarge or move the top picture.  Most importantly, you erase by swiping your finger what you want from the top pic, in this case, everything around the kids.  You can really zoom in for erasing to get up close to what you want to keep.

If you make a mistake and erase too much, you select unerase mode to unerase by swiping again.  When you’re done you can select to save and/or share in a variety of ways. You can save the top image as a stamp to reuse again in other venues. For example:

It’s a tough call as to which environment can lead you to craziness faster – indoor aquatics center during a 4 day meet or the drab environs of a winter deciduous forest.  But add a little Spongebob, and you’re back to sanity in no time!  Or at least reality.




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