Country Girl

Country Girl

Photographers will sometimes go to great lengths to get a shot. Yesterday I went 9 miles. Every time we travel here for a kid’s swim meet I look forward to running on the Huckleberry Trail.  It’s a paved multi-use path through woods and farmland, stretching about 10 miles from a mall in Christiansburg to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. I’d escaped from the confines of the aquatics center on a beautiful day and knew I’d finally get the amazing landscape shot I was hoping for.

From our hotel, I ran 4 1/2 miles to where the path breaks out of the woods and crests a hill to reveal farmland stretching toward mountains. Of course, at this point I was sweaty, winded and blinded by sunlight.  I was also thirsty, starving and anxious to turn around and finish the course, whose hills I had completely forgotten about. I took a couple pics, but none seemed as interesting as the reality.

I decided to try a different tack and try some micro shots; close ups of purple clover. I then noticed more vivid color amid the weeds, and there she was lying at the base of the fence. I thought this little messy-haired country girl was the perfect hostess to welcome you to the landscape of rural Virginia. I left her posed on the post for passersby to peruse and possibly post…about in their own blog.

I did not edit this photo in any way.


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