The Land of the Freestyle

Ok, I said (to myself) that I wasn’t going to get into filters, but they’re kind of fun. Especially when punchiness from day 2 or 3 of a long swim meet is setting in…you’ll do anything for diversion. And really, how many pictures of the American flag do you want to see?  Although this one is pretty impressive.  This aquatics center has several therapeutic, recreation and competition pools.  The one shown here is just a warm-up pool in between the two main competition pools. I guess with pools all over the place, they don’t want the swimmers and audience to be confused about which way to face when the National Anthem is sung.

I broke down and started playing with Filtermania.  It’s a free app, but for a mere $.99 you can unlock all kinds of fun.  In the water category alone, there are a variety to choose from.  So here was the original picture.  Not too shabby:

But of course it asked to be manipulated.  Is that illegal?  I’m never clear about what is appropriate to do with the American Flag.  I don’t mean to be unpatriotic.  I selected the Bubbles filter – who can complain about bubbles?

As with most apps, you have the option to share via Facebook, email, Twitter, etc., but with this one you can also share through Instagram, where you can first add one of their filters on top of what you already have.  I know, it’s kooky, but I did it.  So if you do Instagram, check it out there…I’m SVHC.  I’ve decided it’s good to have at least some filters in your life.


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