Objects in Mirror

Objects in Mirror

Mackenzie took this picture as we were driving back to the hotel after a little hike between swim meet sessions. I love the blues, the layout, and the fact she took it. I was only vaguely aware of it at the time, but recall her saying, “Hey Delaney, put your head out the window again.” As the mirror states, despite their differences in age, ability, interests and stage of life, these sisters are closer than they appear too.

I brightened the shot a little with Photoshop Express, fiddling with the exposure and saturation settings. Just a little. I don’t look at these pics on the computer before I send them. Sometimes on the computer I see things I don’t like that I didn’t notice on the phone’s small screen. Like the dirt on the mirror here. So I returned to the phone to play with it. Using Touch Retouch, I cleaned it up. First I “lassoed” the messiest part,

then I pressed the “start” (triangle) button and cleaned it up some:

I then used the paintbrush button to clean it up a little more, and this is how it ended up:

Definitely some digital smudginess, but not as dirty. With kids, you have to expect some smudges. And rest assured, I took the car through the car wash yesterday.


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