Mother’s Little Helpers

Mother's Little Helpers

This doesn’t happen every day, so I thought it was worth documenting. Because it is such a novel activity these two were willing, actually enthusiastic, about dusting and vacuuming.

One friend asked if this was a polaroid, but then realized who the kids were.  That was the idea: the shot reminded me of pictures from the 60s which were saved, apparently, simply because they were all there was to remember a person or occasion.  Now there is pressure to save and share only the pictures we deem worthy, because the alternative is suffocation by photos and because there is no excuse for a bad shot.  Why should this be any less worthy?  It’s documenting a rare event, and one that inspires hope…that it can happen again.

I applied a “Slide” filter from the Filtermania app to give this the right look. If you’re wondering what that means; I opened the Filtermania app on my phone, selected this picture from my phone’s photo album, scrolled through a selection of filter options, and selected this one called “Slide”.  Hard work!


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