Our mountain…really?!

Our mountain...really?!

Several weeks ago, when he was still POD administrator, Roger sent a POD email with subject line, “Our mountain, really”.

This was a correction after he accidentally sent a wrong picture with the title “Our mountain, our sports palaces”.  Since I started sending the POD, I’ve wanted to send this. Virginia Beach can claim some beautiful landscape, but mountains are not part of it.  We have one and this, Mt. Trashmore (a former landfill), is it. I drive by it at 60 mph every day and recently had Mackenzie take some pics as we whizzed by. No offense to her, but I didn’t think any of them were complimentary.

Yesterday was beautiful, and I finally got over there and got a picture. It was then I determined that there are no compliments to give this mountain. So I blinged up the pic with not just one but TWO Filter Mania filters, Clouds and Sun. Seattle can and should take ownership of Mt. Rainier, but Virginia Beach’s mountain is just a heap of garbage. Really.


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