Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Bubba turned 6 on Wednesday.  He got to pick the day’s menu, and here’s what he chose: crepes for breakfast, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting brought to school for lunch, and spaghetti, meatballs and broccoli for dinner.  Oh yeah.

This picture was taken under the lovely fluorescent lights of his school cafeteria.  I played with it a little in Photoshop Express, but not enough, because look what I was able to do later with TiltShift Generator!

Better Bubba

It’s so much warmer and intimate looking.  I’ll be using this app a lot more.  So if your eyes glaze over when I start talking about iPhone photo editing apps…you’ll know where to come to get some shut-eye!


4 thoughts on “Birthday Boy”

  1. I’m enjoying your blog Sara. I’m super impressed with your dedication. I’ve tried and failed at keeping a diary many times. I love how authentic yours is. My absolute favorite was the ‘Polaroid ‘ from the previous post. I’m all about documenting real life for posterity. It does seem rare to see it captured- and posted these days.

    1. Thanks Mary. I’ve tried journaling, and have found this is the only diary I’ve been successful at updating regularly. I’m glad you are liking it.

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