Beach Bikes

Beach Bikes

James and I biked up to 31st Street yesterday so he could run the kids’ Final Mile race.  It was an oceanfront sea of children and parents.  We parked our bikes and walked several blocks north to the start of the race. He was very quiet before the race, seemingly anxious for it to start. When the gun went off, we ran north with the herd to about 37th St., then turned East then South down the boardwalk to the finish, running the whole way.  He collected his medal, a bottle of water, and was ready to head home. Very businesslike. I learned later that he had not been concerned about the run, but anxious from my precautionary talk about what to do if we got separated. Our enjoyment of the event would have flip flopped if I hadn’t brought up the possibility. Who’d have guessed?

I can’t do anything about that now, but I was able to remove a hurricane fence from the beach in the POD I sent yesterday.

Why did I erase it? Because I could. With Touch Retouch. When you can take control of a situation, it’s best to take advantage.


4 thoughts on “Beach Bikes”

  1. Nice going Sara….I would get my bike out but Mudgett Road is a lttle messy!!!
    What was the plan you gave him? Just curious.

    1. I showed him the meeting place on the beach for kids and parents. There were colored flags corresponding to the child’s start corral and race number bib. We would meet at the yellow flag.

      Stay out of the mud!

  2. It works very well, but now that you point it out, it does leave more people than is statistically likely wearing red pants.

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