This has been a tough year for cat lovers in our family. Pepe, Buster, and now Madeline have left us. Actually, Madeline was not really ever with us. I think she liked me because I rescued her 18 years ago, but she generally just tolerated people. She lately preferred her safe haven upstairs; escape from the dog may have been just an excuse to retreat from us all. She accepted JJ for one year, when we lived in Newport, but despised him before and after. She would agree to having her head scratched for approximately 10 seconds, then would attack the hand petting her and flee. The kids were basically terrified of her. In her absence it’s apparent that she passively dictated many of the household operations set up to accommodate her. Although we didn’t see that much of her she made her presence known.

I took this picture yesterday, shortly before I took her to the vet. Her little kidneys were kaput. I edited it with TiltShift Generator. On her last day she let me be in control. Thanks Madeline.

Note: You may have noticed I did not email a POD yesterday.  Instead of two emails, you will now just receive the photo with post if you are a follower.  It’s okay, the world needs followers.


4 thoughts on “Madeline”

  1. Madeline was channelling Gitana, our sourpuss cat, all those years. Replaced by Pepe, who went the same way as Madeline a few months ago, aged 20. Him we miss.

    If I can figure out how to post to your Posse, I will send a picture of Gitana from the Polaroid years.

  2. Maybe she’s in kitty purgatoy with Gitana.They’d make good gata amigas. I do hope she didn’t suffer. Yes,a tough year for cats. I really miss Pepe.
    Abrazos para todos
    Sara la grande

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