The Drainage Ditch

The Drainage Ditch

One time it had a dead body in it. If you look past the trees, if the fog wasn’t obscuring your vision, you’d see the little lake that captures storm runoff and keeps our neighborhood from flooding. Six years ago, and I remember because James had just been born, we and other neighbors noticed what appeared to be a plastic bag floating in the water. But day after day it didn’t move. We began to joke, “maybe it’s a body!”

Then one day it got considerably warmer. The bag poofed up a bit and drifted some. Neighbors on the opposite side of the lake, toward which it was moving, came out on their lawns and mimed concern. Not much later, there were police in a little boat, setting off from same neighbor’s yard. It had been a middle aged hispanic male. Some guessed he had been a migrant worker, maybe living in a beach hotel for the winter. We never learned more.

This view is one of the more bucolic of our little ditch. Because of the fog, my limited ability, and maybe because it isn’t that pretty of a place, the original looked like this:

As you can see, I was able to redeem myself and the ditch with editing apps. I used Photoshop Express to crop, sharpen, brighten and make that little ditch something more than it is.

Things are not always what they seem. But sometimes they are.


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