Crime Scene

Crime Scene

Underneath a large metal bolt, glass from a shattered windshield mixes with loose change on the wet pavement. A taco bell wrapper lays atop a soggy paystub envelope. The unfortunate tree is likely not the source of the red ooze dripping from the large scar in its trunk. Plastic shards of a now departed vehicle lay feet from the skid marks that signal the moment before the pieces left their mothership. Accident or crime? If it’s your third DUI, as it was for this driver, who fled the scene with a companion after exiting through the sunroof of the overturned vehicle, it is a felony. Whose blood was left, if in fact that’s what it is, we may never know. Perhaps our neighbor who bore witness to the event in the wee hours last night will have more details after the court date she must now attend in two months.

I tried several different filters, in Instagram and Filtermania, but finally settled on one in Camera Awesome called “Slide”. I “awesomized” it a little bit first:

I think that sharpened things a bit. I like how the filter both brightened the colors and produced an aged sepia feel to the background.

While the app processed the photo, it told me it was “instilling alien slime” and “brewing Jack’s beanstalk.”  Now that should be a crime.


6 thoughts on “Crime Scene”

  1. I like the writing. I cannot find the difference in the two versions of the photo. How do you get the whole screen with its controls into the lower shot?

    1. Thanks Dad. I take a screen shot of my phone by hitting the power and “home” button at the same time – it saves it to my Photo library. I actually took that screen shot after I’d already applied the filter, so there is no difference between the pics.

  2. Ha ha! I love this picture! When I used Awesome Camera it said “adding panda’s” It cracks me upevery time!

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