Sick of Fun?

Fun flags

The accomplishment here is not the “photo” but rather the fact that I figured out how to put it into this post! I knew it was possible, because I saw someone else do it (thank you iPhone Photographer!). This was created with an interesting app,, which is currently FREE – yes, save yourself $.99 and get it NOW.

It allows you to take short video, edit it even shorter, and then decide what to keep animated. As with Instagram, you have the choice to automatically upload your picture to a feed that shares it with all your friends. You can also share it with your Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter friends. And craziest of all, you can even share with REAL friends, yes people you actually know, through email. I’m still experimenting, but here is another example:

I know it’s rather sloppy as the dog hits the edge of the picture, sorry. Rookie masking mistake. What is masking? That’s how you indicate the part you want to animate. I took a video of a static toy to demonstrate, because I’m pressed for time.

Then you can choose from some filters to apply, if you so desire. I applied Xpro to the Fun Flags POD above.

The right kind of subject is key, and figuring that out is what takes practice. But the app itself is simple and forgiving, because you are allowed to go back and redo video editing and masking if necessary, before you publish, share or save it.

Here’s an example from earlier this morning of a most animated subject before school. It’s actually a little disturbing. But like reading, I find this app to be fun-damental.


17 thoughts on “Sick of Fun?”

  1. The flag picture is very interesting particularly because the other flags are still. James is wee bit creepy. This app brings back the photographs in the Harry Potter films where the subjects move but the background is fixed. Thx

  2. I think that you should be a little more clear on directions but this program looks awesome! I admire gifs like these and I always wanted to make some. Thanks!

    1. I’m glad you like it. It is a fun little app. If you are able to get it, there are instructions that accompany it, which I’m sure would clarify things. Thanks for visiting my site!

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