A Study in Apps

A Study in Apps

Ok class, as we near the end of the first month of the POD2 blog, you will now be tested on what you have learned. You will be required to recall from memory the apps used to provide the effects in these photos. I know you’ve all been paying close attention, so this should be simple. I will use the basic Iris to demonstrate. It may not be basic, it may be bearded, I’m not sure.  We’ll call the photo above Exhibit A. Below is the original photo, but if I’d made that the POD, would you have continued to read on? I think not.

Lovely as nature intended, but here’s another version, Exhibit B:

Now let’s see Exhibit C:

And lastly we have Exhibit D:

Answer Key:

Exhibit A: Filtermania, Aquafall filter. See this for more info on this app.

Exhibit B: TiltShift Generator. Click here to see another example of this app.

Exhibit C: PhotoViva. A trick question! I haven’t demonstrated this app before. I clearly have not mastered it, nor may I ever. But I will try in a future post.

Exhibit D: Juxtaposer. Click here for a rundown of how to use this app.

If you read to the end of this post, you receive an A+ for effort. Class dismissed.


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