It was a long journey to this place, but one she had travelled many times before. Despite the familiarity, she was assailed by the blast of warm air, the ear popping change in pressure, the odd light enveloping the space, itself both vacuous and confining. She set to work, applying streamline and eye protection devices, and sent them off to do their bidding. The ambient vapors relentlessly pounded her eyes, nose and throat. She stared into the whiteness as her ears fought to hear her compatriots over the din. Before long their mission would be complete, only to return another day. In fact, the next day. And the next. She is: Swim Mom.

She took and edited this photo several weeks ago; forgot what app(s) she used to edit it and didn’t like the result anyway; so edited it back to something resembling the original with TiltShift Generator. That’s how she rolls.


One thought on “Bubble”

  1. Oh my gosh! You really made it look like heaven…if only your readers knew what it’s really like staring at it 300+ days a year!

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