War is Good For Business

War is Good for Business

A number of buildings at the Oceanfront here have large murals painted on their West sides, facing Pacific Avenue. This is one I pass almost every day while walking the dog. I believe it was done charitably, as referenced below.


The artist was one of two who painted a mural four times this size on a nearby hotel, depicting Navy Jets flying above a carrier battle group on the ocean. JJ’s name is on one of the jets, because his friend Larry (also named on a jet) was a neighbor of one of the artists. He almost got the Today show to come for the unveiling of that mural, but it fell through. That was back when he had pull with that show after flying Matt Lauer. Now he’ll have to wait for his next 15 minutes of fame.

This mural is on a building that houses shops below and a restaurant above. I cropped this picture in Photoshop Express after realizing there wasn’t much else I could do.

4 thoughts on “War is Good For Business”

  1. I would have cropped out “pper deck”, slicing top just below it.
    Why am I kibbitzing your blog? Because I am supposed to be doing my taxes.

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