Calm After the Storm

Wide Yard

It’s hard to believe that a little over a mile from here, about 3 hours ago, an F/A-18 jet crashed into an apartment complex. Fortunately and amazingly, it appears no one was killed. For several hours afterward, lawn mowers harmonized with news helicopters hovering just west of here. The sound of freedom we are most used to was and is noticeably absent. Flight operations are no doubt suspended.

My mower was earlier part of the neighborhood chorus, so for the moment anyway our now quiet yard is a decent subject for a free app, called Photosynth. It allows you to take panoramic shots in the simplest way – it actually does it for you. Take one picture, then slowly pan one way or another and as soon as you’re where you need to be, the camera shoots again automatically. You can continue, presumably, for 360 degrees…although it would be an awfully skinny shot when stitched together. You can take shots in portrait or landscape, although the controls don’t change in landscape.

When you’re done taking pictures, you hit “finish” and the program stitches them together. You can then crop down the rounded edges:

Here’s how a regular landscape shot would look from the same position:

And here’s one more of the lake. Now that I see it here, I realize I should have cropped a little more more from the top. But that’s okay; we’ve had enough taken from the sky around here today.



2 thoughts on “Calm After the Storm”

  1. cool app for you to showcase today since we are heading to the mountains and the panoramic feature will come in handy. Thanks.

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