Kites Again

Kites Again

I want to apologize for yesterday’s multi-posts. I love that WordPress has an iPhone app, because it allows me to upload pictures to the site easily and post from the phone if necessary. But I should not do so in bright sunlight (when I can’t see whether the edit is any good), surrounded by people and other distractions (when I can’t really concentrate), nor after a glass of Carol Anne’s sangria (when…just forget it!). Those were yesterday’s circumstances.

Otherwise, yesterday was great for picture-taking. In this neighborhood where we had Easter dinner with JJ’s cousin, her family and neighbors, there were no trees or power lines on a hill-top cul de sac, and the kids enjoyed flying kites in the steady wind for over an hour. I colored the kites in this picture in Colorsplash, then cropped and “auto enhanced” in the phone’s camera app.


The kites were small, but I still like the picture. Later, a larger kite and James became the subjects of yesterdays POD. Here is the original of that one. Please see yesterday’s post again, because I edited the picture more satisfactorily last night when I was in low light, alone, and totally sober.



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