Forever and Ever and Ever 21

Forever and Ever and Ever 21

Today, I went to a mall with my teenage daughter.* I tried my darndest to find a compelling shot there, but approximately 5 minutes into the shopping experience, I was rendered brain dead. This is in the dressing room of the hugest Forever 21 I have been in. This store is room after room of clothing that makes no sense, nor tries to. Music blares, lights blind, occasionally a father is spied sitting in a corner.

I edited this in a new app, which I got because it is now going for $.99 instead of $1.99, Dramatic Black & White. You can take a picture through it or edit with the app later, which of course is my usual approach. The controls are simple but you have some options to tinker with too as far as editing goes.

You can even “roll the dice” in the upper right for an auto-edit. I actually sent it through the process twice, which got it even grainier and creepier. I think I was inspired subconsciously by watching The Ring last night. It’s filmed in Washington state and exemplifies the gray, rainy winter there. Teens who watch a grainy, disturbing black and white video receive a phone call immediately after to inform them they have 7 days…to live. Perhaps if they’d gone shopping at Forever 21 they may have been immune to the curse. Or welcomed it.

*To her credit, she is a self-assured 14 year old who shops here for deals, still tolerates and maybe even likes me, and shares my lack of shopping stamina. About shopping she remarked, “What’s wrong with me…aren’t I supposed to like this?”


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