By George

Adirondack Hike

Today we hiked a trail near Lake George with JJ’s cousin and her family. It was the perfect distance for a party ranging in age from 6 to 44 years, and allowed us to see sights including evergreen forest, stream, water fall, and Lake George itself.

I was reminded by visiting another blog that I can insert a slideshow into the post, so here it is (thank you Dino Alves!):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We treated ourselves to ice cream afterward, as all true outdoors people should. Although some of the pictures, particularly at the lake, were shot in HDR mode, the ice cream shot was the only one I edited. I cropped it in Photoshop Express, removed an ugly table display with Touch Retouch, and added some blur and vignetting in TiltShift Generator.


3 thoughts on “By George”

  1. love the ice cream picture! 🙂 although now I am very curious about the ugly table top display that you edited out.. lol..

    and now I want ice cream.. thanks for nothing.. 😉

  2. Nice slide show. My cousins the Shields boys had summer places on Lake George. You knew Tom. The photos always looked like these. But I never saw that resort. The last time I was at a lake place with them was when they rented a house on Thunder Bay in Lake Eire. That’s, oh, 64 years ago.

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