Drama Mama

Drama Mama

JJ’s cousin, Carol Anne, and I developed a theory that somewhere in the pregnancy/childbirth process, a mother’s stomach becomes physically disconnected from whatever it used to be stuck to. This causes crazy visceral reactions, not present prior, to activities like riding roller coasters, walking along high ledges, and observing one’s children in similar situations. When we were at the falls the other day, and the kids were climbing around on the wet rocks, I couldn’t even supervise. Surprisingly, I was mostly alright with Mackenzie climbing this fence and I only underwent a couple stomach lurchings when she was in the tree. I’ll have to check this theory among step-mothers and adoptive moms.


We were at a school playground southeast of Albany with a friend from college and his kids. Rain clouds surrounded us and eventually forced our departure. I used Dramatic Black & White to edit these, so you all could experience some of the drama too.


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