Guest POD – In the Sky

In the Sky

I am very proud to announce a first guest post by my nephew Jack! I would love for Saturdays to be guest post day, and welcome submissions, especially from the kids. He took and edited this with his iTouch, and did the write up himself. Here he is:

I took this one when I was outside playing basketball with my sisters and realized the cool photo-op of the clouds over the neighbors’ house. I guess it wasn’t the greatest picture but I think that the app I used really spiced it up and brought out the colors.

This is what it looked like before I edited it. Kind of boring, huh? 

I used Camera Awesome for this and as you can see I selected the effect “Road Trip.” What is really cool about this app (other than it being free and amazing) is the fact that you can scroll through all of the effects and it gives you a preview of what it will look like, so you can choose easily. I did take a few other pictures using the same effect but with flowers and other shots of houses with bright blue skies behind them, but I liked this one the most.


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