The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds

Put this in the “I meant to do that….Not!” file. We were at a neighbor’s house around the corner the other night for dinner. Their house faces East, and the sun was setting behind me.

I believe this is something taught in the first class of Photography 101. Maybe I should take that class. To quote Wikipedia quoting John Thomas Smith, “Two distinct, equal lights, should never appear in the same picture: One should be principal, and the rest sub-ordinate, both in dimension and degree….And to give the utmost force and solidity to your work, some part of the picture should be as light, and some as dark as possible: These two extremes are then to be harmonized and reconciled to each other….Analogous to this “Rule of thirds”, (if I may be allowed so to call it)…it would likewise be a good rule to do it, in general, by a similar scheme of proportion; for example, in a design of landscape, to determine the sky at about two-thirds; or else at about one-third, so that the material objects might occupy the other two…” Please see the rest at Wikipedia.

I cropped a little bit of the right side where a tree branch intruded.


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