Cat on a Hot Tan Dune

Cat on a Hot Sandy Beach

{I originally called this post “Cat on a Hot Sandy Beach,” but later this much better title came to me and I had to change it!}

Meow! I finally broke down and bought Snapseed, only to then discover a post that let the cat out of the bag on some promotional codes to get it for free. Either way, I am purrrrfectly happy I got it! I am not sure how I achieved this edit, except to say that I batted the mouse around for a while. Here was the original after a little saturation improvement in another app, which for the 9 lives of me I can’t remember:

One can scroll through the menu at the bottom, and within each of those are various settings to play with. There are gobs of filters and frames that you can simply preview and compare to one another with a swipe of the finger. There’s no cat and mouse game here.

All I can say is that this was a type of effect I’ve been trying to achieve, but previous efforts looked like something you-know-who dragged in. I have a lot more experimenting to do, but it is easy to get neat results without knowing what you’re doing. Clearly, with Snapseed there is more than one way to skin a….oh you know.


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