Drama at the Bridge

Drama at the Bridge

This is another edit done in Dramatic Black & White, like the Drama Mama post. It has been sitting in my phone for a couple weeks, taken during a weekend long run. I have actually never encountered drama at this bridge, but there’s plenty to be had nearby: the Museum of Contemporary Art can barely be glimpsed through the reeds; the oceanfront is less than a mile to the East; to the West is the Little Theater of Virginia Beach, and just beyond that is the site of the F-18 crash right before Easter that miraculously killed no one.


I love this “Dramatic 1” effect that transforms the picture into something resembling a charcoal pencil sketch. More interesting than the original, I think.


Here is another example taken on JJ’s street in Saratoga Springs one morning. 20120422-122401.jpg

A little drama can go a long way. And that’s about as much as I can tolerate – just enough to keep things interesting.


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