Swing Battah!

Swing Battah!

I don’t know a lot about baseball, but now that we’ve entered into t-ball, I guess I’ll learn. Taking pictures will help keep me focused on this relatively slow-paced sport, during which one can easily become distracted by conversation, biting flies, or trips to the concession stand. Fortunately I’ve found an app to help keep me in the game.

One frustration with an iPhone, or any pocket camera, is the inability to capture a focussed shot when the subject is moving. 95% of kid pictures come out blurry. No more. With Fast Camera, immediately upon opening the app, pictures are taken so fast you won’t miss a thing. The trick is to get used to how quickly it works, because before you know it you have 87 shots to sift through. But none of them are blurry.

To demonstrate, I looked to James as he warmed up “on deck,” as they say, at his t-ball game. In the time it took him to swing back to starting position (is that what they call it?) and swing through once, the camera took 19 shots. Don’t ask me to comment on his form. I whittled it down to the 7 you see in this slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The app makers say it takes up to 800 pictures a minute, and while I won’t test that, I wouldn’t doubt it. It is simple to sift through and select the ones you want to view, as well as delete the ones you don’t. After yesterday’s cat post, I won’t bore you with baseball metaphors, but suffice it to say this app scores a touchdown in my mind.


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