Let Your Geek Hang Out

Let Your Geek Hang Out

Running in the early morning on the boardwalk is a great way to both get shots I would never otherwise encounter and satisfy my inability* to sit still for long. I even got a SpiBelt – the runner’s fanny pack – to carry my phone. I can now officially be described as an “active geek”, according to “Geeky,” the Spibelt reviewer. This is in contrast to the geek I saw on the beach with his tripod, sitting and waiting for the moment the sun crested the horizon. I, on the other hand, glanced to the left, paused briefly to withdraw phone, and got this shot. He may be able to mount his picture on the wall, but I still have proof I was there. And I got a workout in with a friend. Make that “social active geek.”

Due to time constraints, I did not edit this. Whatever your preference, moving or stationary, with or without company, be sure to let your geek hang out.

*Can you satisfy an inability?

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