Overboard Enhancements

Overboard Enhancements

Yesterday, some friends and I guided ourselves through the VB Home and Garden Tour in a beautiful neighborhood not far from ours. Every home was full of priceless works of art, expertly decorated, and replete with immaculately cultivated surroundings. The best part, however, were the garden club volunteer “hostesses”, who too were immaculate, expert and priceless. Several had difficulty enunciating due to loss of muscle control in the facial region, thanks to quite obvious enhancements. But that’s okay, these homes spoke for themselves.

We were not allowed to take photographs inside the homes. When outside, as usual, I was drawn to water where the properties affronted it. This shot was taken just as a cloud passed over the sun at the last house we visited, and I edited it in Snapseed.

I’m starting to get the hang of using this app. Here is another original from a different property. The iPhone takes its best pictures in a lot of light, but this can wash things out. Snapseed provides a lot of mechanisms for bringing back, and yes enhancing, color and definition. Here’s another original opened in Snapseed:


A lot can be accomplished under the “Tune Image,” as seen below. You swipe up or down to make your selection, then swipe side to side to make the actual adjustments. A touch on the landscape image in the upper right will let you see how your edits compare to the original, before you actually process it by hitting the right arrow at the bottom.


I then sometimes apply a filter, usually from the “Drama” category, but again you can control how intense it is by swiping left or right. I like to enhance wood grains.



The trick with Snapseed is knowing when to stop. It’s easy to go overboard, to a point where the picture is unrecognizable from it’s original self. At least enhancements made with Snapseed, even when overdone, can speak for themselves.


4 thoughts on “Overboard Enhancements”

    1. Wow, those are gorgeous! I think if you, the creator, like them, that is what matters. That’s why I like to check each against the original though. It helps me remember what real life actually looks like.

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