The Spice of Life

The Spice of Life

Did you hear they want to try to eradicate cinnamon? That’s right, apparently it’s too brown and dusty. It’s crazy that they’d want to do away with something just because it’s a little unattractive or inconvenient, but I guess that’s how it goes. Yeah, it can be a hassle cultivating it, but really?! It’s worth a little extra work when the possibilities are endless. Its scent alone is the epitome of warmth and joy. It’s immediately recognizable and everybody loves it. Totally flexible, it can be sweet, spicy or mellow. You can dress it up or enjoy it quite simply. I, for one, could not imagine life without cinnamon. If you are as astounded as I am, please check out this link.

Delaney’s class runs a coffee shop for teachers at her school. On Fridays, she and I bake  the cinnamon rolls. The lighting in schools is always a little rough, so I did some editing in Snapseed. Here’s the original:

I cropped and straightened it. Straightening in Snapseed is a cinch with a one-finger vertical swipe! I’m a fan of keeping priorities and pictures straight.


I applied a little tilt-shift effect with a vertical ellipse so that both her face and some of the rolls stayed in focus, and then added a frame. I’m also a fan of keeping priorities clear, in pictures and in life.


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