Guest Post – Mini D.C.

Following is another fantastic guest post from my nephew Jack, with pictures taken during a family trip to Washington, D.C. I am so impressed with what he was able to do with an iTouch. Nice work, Jack!

I liked both of these shots, so I decided to talk about both of them at the same time, since they were both edited with Tilt-shift generator. The first one, which was originally just a bland picture of the capitol. (I’m not saying that the capitol is bland, just for the record.)

When Aunt Sara first introduced tilt-shift, I looked at it and just couldn’t see the “mini” in it. But after her post “Hatsational” I had this moment of “Ohhhhhhhh!”  and all of the sudden I got it. The pictures look like toys! What also helped this app enhance the pictures was the fact that you can adjust saturation which makes the picture brighter and the colors look better. Especially when editing this on my iPod it makes the pictures look better and as if they were from an iPhone.

It's a Plane!

This photo may be a bit confusing. But one day during April Vacation we heard about a shuttle that was going to fly over the mall on the back of a Boeing 747 to be shipped to a Smithsonian. We were all excited, so we rushed down one morning and I took a few pictures. What this app did not provide, that may have made this picture better, was a zoom feature. If it had had this, then you would have been able to see the shuttle, but there isn’t and hopefully there will be soon.


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