Pigeons on the Pier

Pigeons on the Pier

Seagulls are a mainstay at the beach, but pigeons only around the pier. There is always a healthy group of them here, although I have yet to find evidence of a nest. According to my limited research, their nests tend to be skimpy anyway. Our dog loves to chase them even more than seagulls for some reason and these two were seeking refuge.  Here is the original, which I edited for the final in Snapseed. I recognized after that I had made another rookie mistake – I straightened it to align the crooked light pole, because I thought it was distracting. But that made the horizon crooked, and that is probably more disconcerting to a viewer!


I could have fixed it, but I didn’t realize it until I saw it on the computer. To go back now would reject one of my personal rules of iPhoneography, which is that I will take care of every bit of the process on the phone only. Fortunately, I redeemed myself by giving it a run through Dramatic Black & White in the original orientation. There’s always another app for me to seek refuge in.



One thought on “Pigeons on the Pier”

  1. Interesting that Dramatic B&W imitates the flaw of inexpensive point-and-shoot film cameras in the 1980s, uneven brightness, with falloff at the corners. That will dignify many of my travel slides.

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