Pic Collage

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is not an editing app, but I just think it’s really neat. With it you can create postcards with pictures from your phone’s photo library, Facebook or the internet. You can resize them, move them around, trim them, or use them as background. You can add text or stickers wherever you want and change the background color. It’s really easy.

You can then save the card to your phone and/or share it on FB, Twitter, via email or even as a real snail mail postcard, to people selected from your phone’s contacts. You can type in text on the back, just like a real postcard. The mailed version costs $1.99, but that doesn’t seem unreasonable to me when you consider the cost of cards and postage these days, combined with the ease of creating and sending one of these. Otherwise the app is free.

It is a simple way to share photos with those who don’t have a computer…yes, they’re still out there. In fact, my one surviving grandmother will be the recipient of the one above. And really, don’t we all love receiving real mail anyway? Maybe this will help USPS a little bit. I did my part today.


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