Warbirds and Waterfowl


The Blue Angels put on a show over our little lake today. They were rehearsing for a series of air shows that will be part of this weekend’s Patriotic Festival at the oceanfront. Not all of the residents were impressed. I mean the Canadians. I cropped a bit, but otherwise didn’t edit.





Bow Rider

Bow Rider

I realize there is something not right about this picture. It’s the way that paddler’s head is framed by the boat onshore. Grrr! I got several shots of him and his navigator and except for that, this is the one I liked best. I thought it an easy fix with Touch Retouch, but:

No! It’s all schmeary. Still, this experiment allowed me to discover that huge grin on his face. And that made it a perfect picture after all.

Foto Ziploc!

Foto Ziploc!

I have stumbled upon the most amazing new application to hit iPhoneography since at least 2010…Foto Ziploc! It’s easy to use, and although not totally free, pretty darn close. Sure, you could spend $15.00 on a 3-lens Photojojo jelly filter kit.  But you’ll wonder why you did when you try my amazing filter and realize that you probably have it right in your own kitchen drawer.  For more info and additional suggestions, see my earlier post, and reference #6 on the list. I edited for color in Snapseed.


Guest Post – Blacktop

On a beautiful weekend day when I am wrestling CSA vegetables, yard work and appeals to go to the beach, I welcome another guest post from my (12 year old) nephew, Jack. Nice work again, Jack, on your photo, words, and giving me a reprieve from the POD. 🙂 Here he is:

I took this picture one afternoon when It was about 80 degrees. My sisters and I decided to go for a walk, so I brought along my ipod to take pictures with. We walked for a while, and all of the sudden, I realized the sun was behind the trees. I thought it looked cool, so I took a few different shots from different angles, but finally chose the one above.

For this picture, I used an app called PicShop HD. This app is normally around 5 bucks, but for some reason, I was looking through the app store and found out it was free for a day. How cool! This app combines multiple different apps together and adds a few extras such as removing blemishes, red-eye and adding some cool frames. What I especially liked about this was the fact that EVERYTHING was included. I hate when you pay for a 3 dollar app and it’s always prompting you to buy something. But this app had so many features, it makes all photos look as if they were taken by a professional.

Tall, Dark & Handsome


That’s his show name. His race name is Mr. Horton, and his barn name is Charlie. According to his current owner, he is a grandson of Seattle Slew on one side, great grandson of Secretariat on the other. In March he developed a fungal infection in his right eye. During surgery to remove his eyeball, he kicked violently coming out of the anesthesia, injuring his left front knee. He’s now lame; his owner is unsure if he’ll be rideable again. He is 15 years old.

I edited these all in Snapseed. I applied a Drama filter to the top photo and a Grunge filter to the next.



Take Me Out


We were already at the ball game, but he made it clear that he wanted out of the stroller. This is not one of mine, but a little brother of James’ teammate.


I experimented editing with PhotoForge2, PhotoToaster and Snapseed, and finally hit it out of the park on the Snapseed edit, which just involved lighting and saturation adjustment (to get his eyes as brilliant as they are in real life) and applying a tilt-shift effect. PhotoForge2 is SOOOO slow to process edits, and must do so every time you make an adjustment. I was not having a ball with it. I think I would only use it for the effects filters it offers – if I ever decided to use those. Otherwise I might pitch it.


Early in the Morn

Early in the Morn

I love being up in the early morning, but I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy getting up early. It’s still painful after years of early morning running. But this picture reminds me of the feeling of being there, so I like it. It’s from last weekend, but it keeps lingering on my phone so I thought I should share it, in case you have a hard time getting and being up early.

The early bird got a worm today because PhotoToaster is on sale for $.99. Even you sleepy heads might be able to take advantage and get the full version. I’ll have to toast some more to determine what the big difference is between this and Jr. The original was an HDR shot taken by the iPhone camera, and that is evident by the blur of the trees. It was breezy as you can see from the water and clouds. In PhotoToaster I added the “clarify” preset to the original:


I also ran the toasted version through Mobile Monet. There’s nothing like jam slathered on  toast in the early morn.


Offshore Rain(bow)

Offshore Rain(bow)

There was a tropical storm, now depression, swirling off our coast for the past few days. When I took the dog to the beach yesterday, it appeared to be smack dab in front of me out in the ocean.


I took this with a new panoramic app, DMD Panorama, which is currently free. It is even simpler than Photosynth, the other app I’ve used, because it auto crops and saves to your photo library when you’re done. I then brought out a little detail with Snapseed.

To see the full effect of the edited version, click on the picture.