Beach Ball

Beach Ball

Our beaches aren’t the best for beach combing. For one thing, large tractors spend early mornings raking the beaches at the strip. We also don’t get many whole shells for some reason. Last summer we got potato sponges though, which looked like large grey potatoes. They stank like bodily waste, and many speculated that a large ship had dumped its sewage tanks offshore. But no, it was nature. Apparently, in turbulent water conditions the sponges can become uprooted from the sea floor and wash ashore. Then they die and immediately begin to decompose, hence the stench.

I don’t know if this ball washed up or was left. I wondered where it may have come from if it had washed up. I began to analyze tides and currents, but in the process of researching, I came upon this. Better than stinky potato sponges, potato CHIPS – in airtight packaging no less! Actually they’re corn, but why be technical about it. That made me hungry, so I gave up researching to get some lunch. I’m easily distracted. I didn’t edit the top photo, but the bottom one I played with in Colorsplash.



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