Low Flyby


Pretty amazing shot by an iPhone, eh? I was not born an aviation enthusiast, but I’ve learned a few things along the way. And now even I could probably get this right…can you? What’s wrong with this picture?

a) That plane is way too low.

b) Its landing gear is down.

c) It’s a decommissioned aircraft.

d) The kids aren’t running in terror.

e) All of the above.

As any aviation enthusiast, or wife thereof, could tell you, the answer is e).

Last week I went to the base to get summer passes to our local waterpark. I stopped at the Naval Aviation Park and took some pictures of the static displays of planes. This is a favorite, the mighty F-14 Tomcat. But sadly, it is no longer flown in the U.S. Navy. You may see it in skies over some other countries though. I think. Or maybe that’s tippy top secret.


I used Juxtaposer to pretend that it still commands the skies here though. I painstakingly erased around it to create a stamp of the jet, even removing the lowered tail hook – I mean really, what a dead giveaway that would be.

Then I stamped it on top of a picture I had in my library with similar lighting (or at least containing no shadows to reveal otherwise).


I had to do something to peel me away from Snapseed. It took the powers of the U.S. Navy to do it, but mission accomplished.


2 thoughts on “Low Flyby”

  1. This is a great use of juxtaposer–it’s just freaky enough to make one suspicious, but such a clear match that it COULD be an original shot–very provocative and cool!!

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