Better Than Day Old

Better Than Day Old

Like day old bread, I’ve discovered that day old photos can be much improved through toasting. I love toast. Maybe it’s the butter I love. But in any case, I’m impressed with the results of toasting photos too, with an app called PhotoToaster.

I have noticed other iPhone photographers using PhotoToaster to edit but had not gotten around to investigating it. Today when I did, I learned that it costs $1.99 but its little brother app, PhotoToaster Jr. is free. I like free, so I got it!

For a rundown of PhotoToaster Sr., please check out the iPhone Photographer’s review. And for a rundown of PhotoToaster Jr., you’ll have to wait for a future post from me. Meanwhile, see the original and decide for yourself if you like the edit. You might prefer your toast lighter, darker, or perhaps you don’t like toast. Sorry, that’s all I have time to make today.



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