Happy Mother’s Day! Call it a Hallmark Holiday if you will, but If the kids insist on celebrating this one, I’ll graciously accept it. Today after a long run I was greeted by this beautiful breakfast table decorated with home-made cards, fresh-cut flowers and a spectacular meal of pancakes and bacon. Later, our neighbors will be orchestrating Mommapalooza with a dinner prepared in part by the kids. I am thoroughly spoiled and so thankful for it.

You’ll notice in the lower left of this shot a handmade book that says “By”. One child’s full name was there, and since I didn’t want it in the picture, I removed it with Touch Retouch. 

Then I brought the photo into PhotoToaster Jr. and added that “Tuneup” preset. Can anyone clarify for me, are “presets” really just filters? And yes, I did go ahead and get Mobile Monet as the ad suggested. Heck, it was free!

Speaking of spoiled, we have a new DSLR camera which I have been enjoying learning about and experimenting with. However, I find myself occasionally frustrated that I can’t edit and share pictures immediately, as I can with my phone. I have had success and interesting results with uploading them to my computer, then Shutterfly, through whose app I can access them, save to my phone and then edit them. It sounds painstaking, but it actually takes seconds once they’re on Shutterfly. People may not prefer that particular form of cloud storage, but their app is simple and fast – every picture I’ve uploaded there (for the past 12 years!) is accessible to me anywhere through my phone. One such result is below, using an app called My Sketch, which I haven’t even discussed yet. I am still continually astounded by what we are capable of doing with photos and handheld devices. Yes, we are all spoiled.


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