The Big Picture

The Big Picture

When we got an LCD 40-something inch TV a few years ago, it was like we were kids again. Not because we were giddy with youthful glee about our new acquisition, but because we could finally see again. Watching a baseball game – in HD no less! – was delightful now that we could actually see the ball. To top it off, our need for hearing aids was staved off at least 10 years (damn that Who concert in ’81!), because at the same time we installed a surround sound system. No more “What did he say?” or “Rewind and turn up the volume!” We could even hear whispers onscreen again. Wow.

This iPhoneography thing, though, will put me in an early grave, or at least nursing home. I wanted to do a comparison between 2 easy-edit apps, to see which put out the better one-touch auto-edit. I ran this photo through Camera+ and just hit the “Clarity” button:

and then I let PerfectlyClear do its thing on another original:

And gosh darn if I could tell any difference between the two. I think they’re both a little lighter than the original, but who really knows? I took the original in Photosynth from the top of a bridge at sunrise during a run. So it’s a panoramic shot, and frankly, I don’t think it needs any editing. But you know, that’s how it starts. Next I’ll be saying my hair doesn’t really need brushing or the toilet doesn’t really need cleaning. It’s all downhill from here.


One thought on “The Big Picture”

  1. Perfectly clear looks much better to me. Clarity in camera+ almost always overcooks the image. I rarely ever use it. Tadaa also has a great HD Clarity slider. I’ll have to check out perfectly clear 🙂

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