Smells Like Spring


Smells Like Spring

There are some smells I will forever associate with the beach and boardwalk, especially as the weather warms. Some are pleasant, others less than, but all are harbingers of the summer to come…blooming flowers, portapotty chemicals, ocean spray and frying bacon. As the dog was snarfulling (v. snär-ful-ing: to smell vigorously, particularly items most humans would find disgusting) at the beach this early morning, it occurred to me that as hunger-inducing as I find the smell of cooking bacon to be, it may be thoroughly offensive to some. Can anyone speak to this? I can understand not eating or desiring meat, but how might that affect one’s perception of the smell of bacon, heretofore understood by me to be the universal appetite stimulant?


After I got home and consumed a cup of coffee, a bagel and a banana I edited the POD with Snapseed, just so it wouldn’t stink.



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