If You Give a Girl a Mediocre Photo…

If You Give a Girl a Mediocre Photo

If you give a girl a mediocre photo, she’ll want to edit it to make it better.

She’ll decide the surfers look way too far away, so she’ll use Juxtaposer to erase around them in one image and make a little stamp of them to place them over themselves.

If she makes a stamp of them, she’ll decide she doesn’t like the way their feet sort of disappear.

So she’ll bring the picture into Mobile Monet and turn it into a painting, but the sky will still be too blah.

So she’ll open it in PhotoViva, which she is usually overwhelmed by. But here she just uses it to sharpen the shot and add some color to the sky:

And chances are, if she gets it to a semblance of something she likes, she’ll want to post it.

(Please see the children’s book, “If You Give A Pig a Pancake,” by Laura Numeroff.)


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