Early in the Morn

Early in the Morn

I love being up in the early morning, but I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy getting up early. It’s still painful after years of early morning running. But this picture reminds me of the feeling of being there, so I like it. It’s from last weekend, but it keeps lingering on my phone so I thought I should share it, in case you have a hard time getting and being up early.

The early bird got a worm today because PhotoToaster is on sale for $.99. Even you sleepy heads might be able to take advantage and get the full version. I’ll have to toast some more to determine what the big difference is between this and Jr. The original was an HDR shot taken by the iPhone camera, and that is evident by the blur of the trees. It was breezy as you can see from the water and clouds. In PhotoToaster I added the “clarify” preset to the original:


I also ran the toasted version through Mobile Monet. There’s nothing like jam slathered on  toast in the early morn.



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