For Everybody

For Everybody

Every day the sun rises for all to see. Not every day do I happen upon this perspective during our morning run. So I took advantage at a locale designed for the disadvantaged or at least disabled. A couple years ago a playground was constructed on the beach that is accessible to all. Even able-bodied kids make the most of it. And I hope that you, who may be geographically, chronologically, or somnolently disabled or disadvantaged, can enjoy this vicariously.

The original:

I used Touch Retouch to remove a sign that I couldn’t otherwise crop out satisfactorily. Then I cropped the shot in the Photo Library’s edit menu. Then I used Snapseed’s Selective Adjust option to brighten the words at the bottom so they could be seen without altering the overall exposure.

Some administrative notes: Snapseed is currently free! Get it now! Thank you iPhone Photographer for the head’s up. I need to check Appsfire Deals more regularly. Also, I apologize if you received a duplicate of yesterday’s post. I have no idea how that happened and promise you I did not repost it at 4:27 a.m.


4 thoughts on “For Everybody”

  1. Awesome. I cant even tell you used TouchRetouch. It did an amazing job. Love the photo too 🙂

    I actually didn’t find Snapseed free through Appsfire. I was redeeming a promo code in the app store and noticed it in the featured section. Its the app of the week.

  2. Beautiful!
    I’ll have to look at that “TouchRetouch” I’ve given up on a few photos because I couldn’t remove something!

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