Leaps and Bounds

Leaps and Bounds

Our dog was a good subject for trying out the Burst setting on Camera+. I had been using Fast Camera to get stills when the subject is moving above and beyond normal speed and wanted to see how this compared. Fast Camera was great, but so fast that before I knew it I was between a rock and a hard place with 40 pictures to sort through. There’s probably a way to change that setting, but I may never know because now it won’t open for me. I’m a little down and out about that.

Fortunately, I think the Camera+ Burst option is head and shoulders above many other options. It only takes shots as long as you hold the camera “button” down. It doesn’t take them as quickly as Fast Camera, but fast enough. You can choose to have the app save the shots to the Camera+ Lightbox or your phone’s regular photo gallery. For the Burst option it’s far and away the better option to just have them go to the Lightbox – I think it has a harder time if it has to send them here and there.

It’s good to not be on pins and needles, wondering whether you got the shot you wanted. And of course, if I have it, you know this app didn’t cost an arm and a leg.


One thought on “Leaps and Bounds”

  1. Thank you for this post. I never thought about using that feature on camera+. I take a lot of action shots in the winter when the ski joring season comes around and I am determined to get some good shots with my iphone. After reading your post I will definitely give burst mode a try.

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