Crabs and Crackers

Crabs and Crackers

Some neighbors had a crab pickin’ party on their wraparound porch the other day. These Chesapeake crabs aren’t like the ones I grew up with in the Pacific Northwest, where one leg is a meal. With these, it’s more of a social event, because there’s plenty of time spent at the table and your mouth is never too full to talk. Unless you eat a lot of crackers, like I did.

But I edited the shot in Photogene2 and talk about an app with a lot of meat. I’m definitely going to have to explore it some more. Besides the standard editing options, there were all kinds of fun add ons, including text bubbles and fonts of all kinds,


the option to create collages,


remove red eye, clone, and much more.


There are also a variety of filter-like presets. I’ll have to play with the real editing features, but at least for the fluffy stuff I didn’t have to crack, hammer and pick too much to be satisfied.


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