Guest POD – Mystery Lake

Mystery Lake

*Another guest post from my nephew, Jack!*

I took this picture on the way to my grandparent’s house up in New Hampshire. I guess I was really missing the mountains, because I actually took about 30 pictures of the view from the shore on this lake. We drove by the lake once, and I tried to take pictures through the window of the car, but they all turned out a little bit blurred. So I asked mom if she would turn around and let me go to the shore and take some pictures. She did, and the view – I later realized – was impossible to capture by any camera. I took the picture with camera+, which is now my new favorite camera app. Then later I edited it with snapseed and picshop. The one thing I don’t like about the picture is the white spot at the top where there should be clouds and a blue sky. I think I must have focused in on the trees too much, but cropping seemed to do the trick. I also tried to edit it with filtermania 2 but I couldn’t quite find anything to help the picture stand out more except for this one.

Unfortunately to my inner pyro, this didn’t help the photo at all. 🙂

*Note – I wanted to have the name of the lake in the title, but after 20 minutes on google maps, I still couldn’t find it, hence the title.

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