Ray Bans Ban Rays


I am taking an online digital photography class and was reminded of real filters: the kind one applies to an actual lens rather through an editing app. I do utilize one, my patented (I wish) Foto Ziploc! and rediscovered another which I have memories of Roger using with his pocket digital cameras: the handy sunglasses polarizing filter.

The first shot was taken through the lens of my polarized Ray Bans. The shot below, without. Is it worth the effort? I submit to you that if you’re like me, you usually have to take your sunglasses off to see the iPhone screen in bright sun anyway. So you’re probably half way there most of the time. Give it a (polarized) shot.20120801-172152.jpg

Head Over Heels

20120729-112240.jpgWhen I took this picture, this is the phrase that came to mind. Not because the kids love swimming, which they clearly do, but because of their orientation. But that’s crazy – they’re “heels over head” not the other way around. How in the heck did it come to be that this expression, usually referring to being in love, indicates something unusual is afoot, abreast or ahead – our heads are usually over our heels!

So I looked it up. “‘Head over heels’ is now most often used as part of ‘head over heels in love’. When first coined it wasn’t used that way though and referred exclusively to being temporarily the wrong way up….’Head over heels’ is a good example of how language can communicate meaning even when it makes no literal sense. After all, our head is normally over our heels. The phrase originated in the 14th century as ‘heels over head’, meaning doing a cartwheel or somersault.” Read more here.

This is not an HDR photo, but I took it with the HDR setting on. It is the first of 2 saved to the Camera Roll, and is supposedly the regular non-HDR shot, but I am convinced that it is not as it would have been had the setting not been turned on. If that’s not enough to turn your world upside down, I don’t know what is.

Guest Post – Flash Mob

Flash Mob

Here’s a post from nephew, Jack, giving me another day off. He’s my favorite nephew on my husband’s side.

Before this surprise lightning storm (hence the punny name flash mob) we went to smitty’s cinema, had dinner and watched ice age 4. Then, when we walked out of the theater (theatre?) a booming bolt of lightning greeted us. We screamed and ran to the car while I took out fast camera and clicked a few. Then we arrived at Mother’s beach and watched the lightning storm over the water. The bolt is real, but the first picture had an annoying glare from a bolt that had just ended:
I couldn’t remove it with ANY editor, but then I used Superimpose to take the bolt from that picture and put it on this picture:
So as guilty as it makes me feel about editing the photo, here you have it folks: a lightning bolt caught on an ipod camera.

Cows, Corn & Cars


When we were last in this part of the state, the land and everything that sprang forth from it was so dead and brown I had to paste a picture of my kids in the woods to add color to the scene. Now, a short drive from the strip malls afforded us expansive views of vibrant, rolling farmland, graduating into blue mountains in the hazy distance. A generally brilliant landscape, interrupted here by a junkyard on the next rise. The cows were behind me. The story of our gasoline dependence in one grand sloping vista.

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