Dos Agua


It’s a good night for Mexican Train.


Pink Prevails


I took this picture the other night because Delaney noticed it for me. She pointed out the window and said, “like Grandma and Papa’s!” I wondered what the heck she was thinking, then I remembered how the sky had looked one of the last nights we’d been there. I’d even taken a picture of it:20120829-153903.jpgOne of my hopes for this blog is that it encourages others to notice the world around them. I think Delaney did so despite my daily posts, but I’ll tell myself otherwise.

Too Small For All

20120828-171519.jpgBusch Gardens is known for its roller coasters, but one must be a certain size to ride them all. Still, there are rides, activities and entertainment to suit everyone. I do not personally enjoy roller coasters, but the only thing keeping the younger two from joining big sister on the one below was the height restriction. A couple more years and they can all enjoy death-defying drops together.

Taken with Camera+, edited a little in Snapseed.


Tough Choices

20120827-194055.jpgThe days of this kind of activity are numbered, so we took advantage today.


Have Shovel, Will Dig

20120826-174758.jpgBack at the beach. We left the crowds of ECSC at the South end. Storms threatened to the West and North. We looked to the East and may dig to China.


Big Air


At the East Coast Surfing Championships (ECSC). A big end of summer weekend at the beach. I thought Deano would like this.


Fickle Fetcher

20120824-162120.jpgHe’s only good for one toss.

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