Catching the Train


The beach concert after the 1/2 marathon yesterday was Train with Andy Grammer (who was fantastic!). First of all, there is no decent photo to be taken by a phone at a night-time concert. I even tried messing with exposure in 645 Pro, to no avail. Every one came out with the band members’ faces overexposed like the one below:20120903-150635.jpgIn looking through the litany of photos today though, I discovered the photo of the day, taken when the lead singer came out into the crowd to bring women up on stage for one of the songs. I’m catching on…one must just keep taking pictures.

I did manage to take some relatively decent video with an amazing video app, Video Camera by i4software. Normally $7.99, I lucked out and paid nothing when another blogger put out the word that it was free for a day. Well, I just discovered that at least today, it’s only $.99! So if you missed the free train before, you too can jump on the band wagon.


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